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How to choose your wedding day makeup

Where do you even start? Pinterest? Instagram? There is an overwhelming amount hair and

makeup photos out there, yet- you can't seem to find what you're looking for.

Look, I get it. I've been there. I see this all the time with our brides. Let me reassure you- we are here to help!

Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty and make you look & feel like yourself. So let's dive into how we will achieve that for you!

When you schedule your trial, its always helpful to have some kind of inspiration photos. Pinterest can be our best friend and our worst enemy. I say that, because these photos are great to gauge where your style is & the level drama you want to your makeup. However, these photos can sometimes give us these unrealistic expectations with makeup. Especially with these photos labeled "no makeup-makeup" yet, they are wearing a full face.

I like to ask a series of questions, you get to know your comfort level when it comes to wearing makeup. I like to ask how you typically wear your makeup day to day. Do you wear eyeliner? if so, what color? (Black can feel really harsh if you aren't used to wearing it!) Do you fill in your brows? Do you like a bold or neutral lip? These questions will help me get to know you and your makeup routine.


More often than not, our most requested look is "natural". Everyone's version of natural is a little different. I get it, you want to look like a better version of yourself. No matter what your comfort level is, we can achieve your look.

Want to play up your eyes? We will use eyeshadows/liners that really bring out your eyes. Want your eyes to pop without wearing a ton of makeup? We will focus on your lashes, whether its with the help of strip lashes, individual lashes or just a couple layers of mascara. Want to wear lipstick but your afraid of too much color? I have the perfect rose colored shade that looks so good on everyone for this! Whatever it is that you are envisioning, we got you boo!


We always like to give your skin this glowing goddess look, so the amount of foundation on your skin in minimal. Would you believe this chick is hardly wearing any foundation? Its incredible what good skin prep can do for your makeup!

Like I said, whatever it is you are imagining, we are here for you in this whole process. Let us do the work, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your wedding!



Photos by Bri Whitman Photography & Kalena Mitchell Photography

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